Out on the August 19th, 2024
[HMP 097] Plutonian Shore (USA) - Lunar Rites

Out on the April 1st, 2024
[HMP 096] Besatt (Pol) - Demonicon

[HMP 095] Imperatus (Vnm) - At the Mercy of the Wind

[HMP 094] Pyriphlegethon (Nld) - The Devil's Trance

Out on the December 18th, 2023
[HMP 092] Selvmord - Renhet, En Elegi Over Høsten

[HMP 093] Hexcastle - Eyes of the Wolf

Out on the August 28th, 2023
[HMP 091] Tenebrae Oboriuntur - Flagitium

Out on the March 27th, 2023
[HMP 089] Beyond the Grave - Let There Be Destruction

Out on the April 23rd, 2023
[HMP 090] Guerra Total - War Is the Pursuit of Death : A Hymnal for the Misanthrope

Out on the Dec 5th, 2022

[HMP 086] Black Cilice - A Corpse, A Temple

[HMP 087] Hexcastle - The Hexcastle

Out on the Sep 26th, 2022

[HMP 085] Malignance - Tales of Cowards, Heroes and Death

Out on the July 9th, 2022

[HMP 084] GOD - The Early Yearsh

[HMP 083] Godflesh Deformed - Plague Upon the Earth

Out on the April 30th, 2022

For fans of old-school Metal only!
[HMP 082] Beyond the Grave - Sin Unto Death

Out on the April 2nd, 2022

“Hypnotic riffs and „tomhetian“ soundscapes....
[HMP 081] Selvmord - I Glansen Av Den Hedenske Skogen

Out on the December 4th, 2021

Noise Black Metal with Art participation of STALAGGH!!!
[HMP 080] Aarsland - Sacred Noise

Out on the September 18th, 2021

COLOMBIAN vs MEXICAN Black Metal split!!!!
[HMP 078] Necrario / Luciferian Rites - Astral Projection of the Anti-Existence

Mexican Primitive Black Metal album reissues with aggressive / brutal performance!
[HMP 079] Luciferian Rites - Evangelion of the Black Misanthropy

Out on the September 18th, 2021

[HMP 077] Hesperia - Roma vol. II

Out on the August 28th, 2021

Black Metal in Its Pure State!!!!
[HMP 076] Angst - The Vile

Out on the June 5th, 2021
Back to our honor Italian Melodic Black Metal!
[HMP 073] Omnia Malis Est - Lucania

Out on the July 10th, 2021
The legendary of Italian Raw Brutal Symphonic Black Metal!!!
[HMP 074] Tenebrae Oboriuntur - Fallax

The Norweigian Ancient Black Metal Element!
[HMP 075] Selvmord - Til Døden, Til Lyset, Til Alt Som Er Skjult I Tåken, Skogen Og Isen

Out on the May 8th, 2021
We have plan about Great Reissue and New release!

[HMP 072] In the Mist - Le cor et la brèche

[HMP 071] Kolac - Bastard Son is Dead

Out on the January 23rd, 2021

[HMP 070] Заводь - Уже заря зажглась

and 2 old Заводь will re-pressing!!!

Out on the December 19th, 2020
There works the last release in this year.
A lot of release work has been still delay due to COVID-19 from February.
Thank you for your help and support!

[HMP 068] Cthulhu - Hallucinations at the Mountains of Madness

[HMP 069] Tenebrae Oboriuntur - Black Hysteria

Out on the October 24th, 2020
A lot of release work has been still delay due to COVID-19 from February.
Thank you for your help and support!

[HMP 066] Draconis Infernum - Blood of the Iconophile

[HMP 067] Vulvanic - Ripper's Secret Night of Murder

Out on the June 29th, 2020
A lot of release work has been stop due to COVID-19 from February.
HMP finally restart work. Thank you for your help and support!

[HMP 062] Eirik - Omnis Erit Eductus

[HMP 063] Guerra Total - Cosmic Horror Anthology Vol. 1

[HMP 064] Falhena - Insaniam Convertun

[HMP 065] Beyond the Grave - I am the Holocaust

Out on the February 29th, 2020

[HMP 060] Nocturnal Feelings - Radical Art

Out on the March 28th, 2020

[HMP 061] In The Mist - Au son des crânes qui se brisent