- October 1st, 2017 -

[HMP 045] Vihamieli - Kuolevain Veri Uinuuu Ikuisuuteeen

"Kuolevain Veri Uinuu Ikuisuuteen" is the first grand channelling of sanctuary's energies.
Commonly known as VIHAMIELI, these eternal warriors of blackness tell their story and prophecy
about the end of corrupted mortal man and their god, Yahweh.
How all physical of this world will end but spirituality continues to exist,
if it is worthy to exist.
Expect to hear furious melodic black metal in vein of 90's.
Subject yourself to the darkest pages of history and magic.
VIHAMIELI is the spectral voice of the universe.
Bonus Track taken from "Sotamme Käy Taivaan Porttien" demo released in 2016.
Available only for CD release.


- April 13th, 2017 -

3 new reissue available in June from HMP!!!

- April 2nd, 2017 -

[HMP 041] Ignominious - The Throne and the Altar
started Pre-Order and Distribution from Zero Dimensional Records!!!!


- January 20th, 2017 -

Decided Release day of Ignominious New Album!!!!
[HMP 041] Ignominious - The Throne and the Altar

- January 14th, 2017 -

Available 2 Weapon from ZDR distro
[HMP 039] Domos - Onset Of A Gelid Eon
[HMP 040] ShadowThrone - Demiurge of Shadow


- November 18th, 2016 -

IGNOMINIOUS Re-signing with HMP!!!
New Album will be Released in 2017!!!!

[HMP 041] Ignominious - The Throne and the Altar

01. Sacrilege
02. Kneeling King
03. Burning Priest
04. The Throne and the Altar
05. Foul Feast
06. Resurrection
07. Sun Shall Sleep Eternally
08. Dissapearence

Ignominious formed in 2007 by Mephyriz (bass/vocals), Haermoth (guitar),
Netherial (guitar) and Alastor (drums). After two self-released demos Hidden Marly Productions
released their debut album "Death Walks Amongst Mortals" in 2011. 5 years have passed and
their second attack "The Throne and the Altar" is here. It spreads melancholy and decay
through its fast-paced, cruel, melodic and aggressive way. All music and lyrics written
by Mephyriz in the same vein as mid-90's northern black metal.

Check New sample music from 2nd Album!

- October 15th, 2016 -

2 Frigd Black New Release in January 14th, 2017!!!!

[HMP 039] Domos - Onset Of A Gelid Eon

01. Visions Of Reality
02. Deeper Into The Darkness
03. The Doors To Eternal Despair
04. Ancestral Kingdom
05. Consumpti Per Instictus
06. The Force Of And Evil Spirit
07. Endless Storm
08. Gathering Beings Of Darkness
09. The Call Of The Death
10. Transition Memories Of My Death
11. ... A Tragic End

From the depths of the abyss, The bringer of black death, scythe of blood drops in Existentialism,
Misanthropy, Darkness heaviness despair of unbearable torture through raw melodies and obscure
harmonies to make aware of the these insanity in your mind with uncountable destructive feelings
and desires to rule the underworld DOMOS , All captured in eleven whispers of DOMOS debut album
under the name "Onset Of A Gelid Eon" witch one is represents the appearance of indescribable
feelings that produce that ecstasy in every nerve of your rotten inside out corpse emanating a
freezing aura that removes the hit of your worm blood to the very end. DOMOS from now is appearing
on Hidden Marly Production.

[HMP 040] ShadowThrone - Demiurge of Shadow

01. Across the Open Sea
02. Demiurge of Shadow
03. Faded Humanity
04. Theories Behind Chaos
05. Seal of Opulence
06. Daemonius
07. Disciples of Dark Master
08. Blazing South of Kingdom
09. Total Darkness
10. Howling Abyss

Shadowthrone formed in 2015 after the leave of Steph from Theatres Des Vampires.
So he began composing new Symphonic Black Metal songs, influenced by Emperor, Bathory,
Mercyful Fate and many others from the 90's Black Scene. Then begins the recordings of
"Demiurge Of Shadow", Containing 3 of 4 tracks from the very first EP
"Through the Gates of Dead Sun", Plus other 7 in edit songs with a symphonic taste,
Always staying within the limits of old school. Epic and cold sound feature ShadowThrone,
paying their tribute to past and romantic era!

- May 1st, 2016 -

HMP decided to New Release of Polish Weapon!!!

Besatt - Black Mass

01. Black Mass
02. Born To Revenge
03. Suicidal Ritual
04. Final War
05. Son Of Pure Viking Blood
06. Towards The Abyss
07. Demonical Possession

BESATT has been formed in 1991 as initiative of Beldaroh - bass, Weronis - guitar
and Dertalis on drums to spread satanic ideas by the music. In the year 1992 band
releases their first rehearsal ever - "Ares". Four years later the first studio album appears.
Demo titled "Czarci Majestat" (Devil's Majesty). After that Besatt regular releases more
albums and plays many concerts not only in Poland but all over the world. During that time
the band lineup often changes and to this day band leader Beldaroh is the only member
who remained from the very beginning.
Curent lineup is: Beldaroh on bass and vocals, Astaroth on lead guitar,
Colossus on rhythm guitar and Exernus on drums.
For all these years on metal scene Besatt hails to Satan
and whole horde of Daemons related to His majesty.

- April 1st, 2016 -

- March 11th, 2016 -

[HMP 035] Asgrauw - Krater / CD

Full Stream Video Available!!!!

- February 26th, 2016 -

Started Pre-Order of Asgrauw New Album!!

[HMP 035] Asgrauw - Krater / CD

01. Krater
02. Sluimerende Dood
03. Branie
04. Natuurgeweld
05. Verdoemenis
06. Littekens Der Verwoesting
07. Deken Des Doods
08. Achterland
09. Tot Stof Vergaan
10. Ondergang

You can get it by following URL.

- January 16th, 2016 -

Announcement of New Killer Albums Release Day!!!

[HMP 036] Beyond The Grave - Devil's Venom

[HMP 037] Preteen Deathfuk - And Then There Was Nothing...

Release on the April 1st, 2016!!!

- December 28th, 2015 -

Coming Soon....

- December 5th, 2015 -

Release Weapons at the 1st time in next year....

[HMP 033] Sad (Grc) - Total Nothingness (Full-length)

01. Behind The Door
02. Dawn
03. Worthless Almighty
04. Pain
05. Verschlinger
06. Dark
07. Nothing

[HMP 034] Sad (Grc) - A Curse in Disguise (Full-length)

01. Forgotten Existence
02. Chaos Returns
03. Beyond the Great Suffering
04. Afterdeath Punishment
05. Silent Night, Pagan Night
06. True Evil Lies in the Hearts of the Children
07. Alone I Walk the Dark Paths
08. Death Be My Redeemer

Release on the February 26th, 2016!!!

- November 30th, 2015 -

New Signing!!!!

ASGRAUW from Netherlands!!
Will be release 2nd Full-length Album "Krater" on the 2016!!!

Coming Soon....!!!

here is Official Video from 1st album "Schijngestalten"

Asgrauw Bandcamp

Official HP

- November 21st, 2015 -

Release Day determination!
[HMP 032] Black Cilice (Por) - Mysteries

01. To Become
02. Into Morbid Trance
03. The Truth
04. Ceremonial Energy
05. A Prayer from Beyond
06. From the Long Forgotten Past

Release on the December 21st, 2015!!!

- October 13th, 2015 -

Renewed Beyond Ye Grave Website!!!
Beyond Ye Grave Website