Nadiwrath / Preteen Deathfuk - Throne Of Desecration

01. Pathetic Human Stains
02. Psycho Scum
03. Piss off
04. Crush the Jewish Prophet (Inquisition Cover)

Preteen Deathfuk
05. The Path To Endless Self Destruction
06. Prisoners Of Flesh
07. Beguiling Through Ceremony
08. There's No Escape (You Should've listened...)

This split brings you two legendary bands like Nadiwrath(Greece) and Preteen Deathfuk(USA). Together they bring you some old school fucked up black metal.Filled with hate and darkness, These two elite bands bring you chaos and darkness for the complete evil experience. For fans of true underground black Metal and crust this split is truly a must have.Listen with the volume all the way up! For fans of Dodsferd, Happy Days, Aus Rotten, Nattefrost, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation, and anything Crust or Black Metal.
Front cover Artwork By Hiro Michiyashiro

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