Vintage Flesh - Hour of the Night Gaunts

01. Follow Me to the Grave
02. And the Light Went Unseen
03. Priest Skin Ship
04. Not to Die Until It Is Done
05. Oh What Demon Has Tempted Me Here ?
06. And Still I Wait
07. To Serve the Dark Design
08. Pities Long Broken Urn
09. Sighs for Ye Silent Grave
10. A Deeper Gloom to Bear
11. The Dead Who Groaned Within
12. Hour of the Night Gaunt's
13. While I Wandered Away with Death

Not to Die Until Its Done is really chilling filled with choir vocals, a soundtrack of many tears and fears. Many regrets, undone dastardly deeds, buried, and dead. The spirit world speaks to VF on this track to spread the message to you in the song itself in a subliminal sort of way. I like to listen to VF backwards one day to see if I can find some secret messages on it denounce to them!

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