Malhkebre - Revelation

01. Multi sunt vocati
02. In pulverem reverteris
03. Hystérie révélatrice - Part I
04. Hystérie révélatrice - Part II
05. Dogma
06. To Become or Die
07. AMDG
08. The Truth Must Be Doubted for Victory
09. IHSV

Secretly assembled during the years, MALHKEBRE's "Revelation" is a manifestation of true Death worship in the shape of dissonant, razor-like riffs, cryptic and convoluted structures, tetanus-made melodies, and hysterical vocal invocations preaching the arrival of a new era of Transcendence, Devotion, Chaos, and Spirituality. MALHKEBRE means true Satanic Resistance, the fist of the Devil in the face of Modern Society

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