Omnia Malis Est - Viteliú

01. Viteliú
02. Al Dì Delle Forche
03. A Diana
04. Primavera Sacra
05. Ner Tefúrúm
06. Battaglia Di Porta Collina
07. Sabella Carmina
08. Disfatta

The OMNIA MALIS EST’ s VITELIÚ is War. An historical reconstruction of the Samnium’s tribes in the south of Italy, lands that gave birth to brave fighters and fearless soldiers. A reflection on the will of annihilation sets from Rome to his greatest and most feared enemies: Samnites. An album that redeems centuries of struggles against Rome's expansion attempts. Power and melody, impetuosity and epicism, great pathos and war-furious attacks, permeate OMNIA MALIS EST debut album.
Warlike Black Metal to redeem our history.

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