Gotholocaust - Lucifer_h

01. Light of the Stormblade
02. Until the End
03. Conquer
04. Icon of the fury of Gods
05. Fire's purification
06. Evil as Satan
07. Raise the Horns
08. Host of Gehenna

Criticism of the real human nature: Men cannot resist temptation. Power-hungry, the weak have created God to crush their enemies but the religions are the only true enemy of man. Deny the One God. Become as evil as Satan. Time has come for the Lucifer's holocaust, raise the horns and burn the false prophets. Blasphemous hymns, artillery blast, sounds of carnage and desolation. This is our black art, we are Gotholocaust and we are legion.

"...Crucifixion of disciples of christ will be my work. The belief of a wicked god will be his everlasting omen. I will be in peace when they will be all killed. Then you can find me in your left hand, Satan."

- Sample -