Besatt - Black Mass

01. Black Mass
02. Born To Revenge
03. Suicidal Ritual
04. Final War
05. Son Of Pure Viking Blood
06. Towards The Abyss
07. Demonical Possession

BESATT has been formed in 1991 as initiative of Beldaroh - bass, Weronis - guitar and Dertalis on drums to spread satanic ideas by the music. In the year 1992 band releases their first rehearsal ever - "Ares". Four years later the first studio album appears. Demo titled "Czarci Majestat" (Devil's Majesty). After that Besatt regular releases more albums and plays many concerts not only in Poland but all over the world. During that time the band lineup often changes and to this day band leader Beldaroh is the only member who remained from the very beginning.
Curent lineup is: Beldaroh on bass and vocals, Astaroth on lead guitar, Colossus on rhythm guitar and Exernus on drums. For all these years on metal scene Besatt hails to Satan and whole horde of Daemons related to His majesty.

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