Kolac - Zauvek Crni

01. U Smrti Zatecen
02. 4 Boga Jarca
03. Zauvek Crni
04. Crvu Slava
05. Axes to Their Necks, Stakes to Their Backs, Vomiting Church, Enjoy the Violence
06. Intolerant Killing Spree
07. I Am Thy Devil
08. Gde Su Sada Crne Vrane
09. Mary (The God-Raped)
10. Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss

Newest Kolac studio threat is here! Want something new, refreshing and unique?
Then fuck off!
Just pure raw, filthy, grim Black fucking Metal! Old gloomy way!!

This is reissue of Japanese Edition from HMP. Also Released Slipcase Limitted Edition 66 copy's.

- Sample -