Vihamieli - Kuolevain Veri Uinuuu Ikuisuuteeen

01. In Fine Mundi
02. Kadotus
03. Kirottuina Maailmaan
04. Neito Kuolleiden Henkien
05. Luciferin Vala
06. Luciferin Käsky
07. Infernum Est Aeterna

08. Sotamme Käy Taivaan Porttien

"Kuolevain Veri Uinuu Ikuisuuteen" is the first grand channelling of sanctuary's energies. Commonly known as VIHAMIELI, these eternal warriors of blackness tell their story and prophecy about the end of corrupted mortal man and their god, Yahweh. How all physical of this world will end but spirituality continues to exist, if it is worthy to exist. Expect to hear furious melodic black metal in vein of 90's. Subject yourself to the darkest pages of history and magic. VIHAMIELI is the spectral voice of the universe.
"Sotamme Käy Taivaan Porttien" Bonus Track taken from demo "Sotamme Käy Taivaan Porttien" released in 2016. Available only for CD release.

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