Paganland - From Carpathian Land

01. Stozhary
02. At The Heart Of Carpathians
03. Black Mountain
04. Belted By Spirit
05. The Gloom
06. From Carpathian Land
07. Chuhayster

Bonus Track
08. Gods Of Golden Circle
09. Stribog Winds
10. Nightforest
11. Pikuj

Paganland's "From Carpathian Land" brings you the atmosphere of carpathian winter, forests and mountains. The lyrics are provided in ukrainian language and tells about the nature of the Carpatians. The album is strongly reccomended to fans of 90's pagan/black metal with it's raw sound and furious guitar riffs and drums. The album was recorded in autumn of 2015.
The release also consists of "Gods of Golden Circle" 1999 demo tape with it's great atmosphere and great bass player skills.

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