Diabolical Raw - Estrangement

01. Intro
02. Accumulation of Dead Souls
03. Sickness Infiltrating to Divine
04. Hallowed Desolation
05. Diverge of Hymns and Mortals
06. Entfremdung
07. Demise of Morning Star
08. Reborn in Faceless Chaos
09. The Warrior of Ultimate War
10. Tongue of Endless Pain
11. Outro

Diabolical Raw's evil underground symphony which has been ongoing since 1998, will possess souls with ​Estrangement album. After a long and quiet period of time, the album has been recorded in May 2019. Diabolical Raw describes mankind's darkness and fracture transforming into lunacy in schizophrenia by blending deep metaphors coming from the ancient traditions, clear style and brutal symphonic melodies.

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