Nocturnal Feelings - Radical Art

01. A Dark Farewell
02. The Pulse of the Night
03. The Pact
04. Triumph in the Mountains
05. Ancient Domain
06. Momentum
07. Black Dimension
08. Cerberus
09. The Meeting

Bonus Track
10. Traidor
11. Searching for Immortality
12. El clamor de las almas horrorizadas
13. Hitos de una guerra profana

Colombian Bulldozing Primitive Black Metal Band back from Hell. An assault against the light thru a majestic album that states from the tittle itself what they are here for, cold, raw, aggressive and mystical Black Metal, evoking the awakening of the most feared side of human consciousness. The reissue include 4 bonus tracks from "Supreme Nocturnal Darkness" split with Storm of Darkness / Supremacía Satánica.

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