Eirik - Omnis Erit Eductus

01. Tranquilty, The Great Facade
02. Uncovering the Guise of Devotion
03. None Above and Beyond
04. As the Colours Drain
05. Unleash Repressed Misantrophy
06. Howls of the Scarred and Damned
07. Forsaken by Eternity
08. A Shattered Mirror Shows the Same Reflection
09. Obsoletion
10. Mirror Mirror
11. At the Gallows End

Spawning from the mountainous dessert and forged in isolation, spews vile frozen audial assault. Songs for the forth coming drain of lives, hymns of the foreboding eternal farewell and symphonies of hatred towards this wretched existence, comes the 2nd opus of EIRIK, a one-man Ambient Black Metal project based in the UAE, title "Omnis Erit Eductus". 9 Original Tracks of misanthropic anguish that will imbibe away this benign existence. 10 and 11 Track are exclusive for this CD version.

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