Guerra Total - Cosmic Horror Anthology Vol. 1

01. El último batallón
02. Fuego y destrucción
03. Holocausto
04. Reficul Sturm
05. La Corte de Lucifer
06. Uchronia Paradox Multiverse Pt 1.
07. Black Horror Kommando
08. Guerra Total
09. πόλεμος
10. Black Metal Zombies
11. Empire of Luciferian Race (Inquisition Cover)
12. The Swords Will Never sink (Desaster Cover)
13. Nihilistic Delusion
14. Uchronia Paradox Multiverse Pt 2.

Guerra Total was founded as Eternal Drak in 1997, the ancient Black Metal spirit has always been evoked from the very start. It was not until 2002 that the band name was switched to Guerra Total. Since then, we have kept the burning classic metal flame alive, gathering Black, Death, Thrash Metal with Hard Rock from the 70’s; more than 20 years rising the Black Metal flag up high. This compilation piles up songs from all of our history, an anthology of our evolution and philosophy. A big thank you to the ones that have been supporting Guerra Total since the birth of this path.
Tracks: 1-5 originally recorded in 2002 under the name of Eternal Drak, Unreleased mixed Tracks.
Tracks 7-8 recorded in 2017, tracks for unreleased EP.
Track 9 recorded in 2017, track for unreleased Split.
Track 10 recorded in 2013, track taken from “A Sabbatical Zombie Invasion” Split with Sabbat.
Track 11 recorded in 2018, track taken from ““Magnificent Glorification of Inquisition”, Colombian tribute to Inquisition.
Track 12 recorded in 2015, track taken from ““We Worship Desaster”, tribute to Desaster.
Track 13 recorded in 2016, track for specially recorded for Infernal from Colombia.
Tracks 6-14 recorded 2015, demo recordings unreleased.

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