Cthulhu - Hallucinations at the Mountains of Madness

01. Chthonian
02. Baric
03. Static
04. Funeral
05. Tenebrific

Welcome to the hallucinations of Cthulhu, the project of the Russian black metal horde Blackdeath. Cthulhu have been exploring the Beyond since 1995, experimenting boldly in different styles. On their second full-length album entitled "Hallucinations at the Mountains of Madness" the trio has turned their genre from ambient/drone to minimalistic Avantgarde black metal. The tracks do not contain vocal parts at all, instead of that the musicians with the help of sound engineer Thomas Tannenberger (Abigor) tried to make audible the voices of the creatures from other dimensions. Expect the wall of unearthly revelations made through different effects and samplers alongside with black metal, primitive but with Avantgarde touches. And, yes, there are influences from other musical genres as well. Though all five tracks of the album are different in mood and atmosphere the whole landscape is united with madness and cold. Enjoy.

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