Kolac - Bastard Son is Dead

01. To Your God You Will Pray...
02. The Deadliest of Plagues
03. Aeon Luciferii
04. Gavrana Let
05. The Death In You
06. Devil Enthroned
07. Dereligionize the Earth
08. Infernal Fucking War
09. Northern Sunset

10. Darkness & Evil (Sabbat Cover)
11. Black Fire (Sabbat Cover)

"Exactly a decade after its original tape release, Kolac's debut full length album gets its CD release. "Bastard son is dead" presents a raw side of Serbian black metal. Nine tracks of cutting cold and blasphemous black metal, enriched with live recordings of two cover songs by Japanese legends Sabbat recorded on the band's first ever live appearance. A mandatory introduction into what Serbia has to offer to the darkest of metal genres."

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