Omnia Malis Est - Lucania

01. A Vije Du Lamient
02. Battesimo Nel Vino
03. Sette Anni
04. Crisi Del Cordoglio
05. Stabat Mater Dolorosa
06. La Messa Dei Morti
07. Lucania
08. Desiderium
09. Amore

After six years, OMNIA MALIS EST returns with ‘Lucania’, a second full-length album of raw yet melodic Italian black metal, this time focusing on Uruk-Hai’s homeland of Lucania, a small region in the south of Italy. In the decade spanning 1950 to 1960, Ernesto De Martino, the founder of Italian cultural anthropology, visited the land of Lucania and produced dozens of accounts in which he presented to the rest of the Italian population, the bitter, raw yet also magical Lucania, a little area of terrain relegated to a rustic world, with deep ancestral links to nature and ritualism; a land where the magick-religious folklore of the local peasant culture was so imbued with primitive intensity that it survives to this day. ‘Lucania’ is a journey to one of the most dark, harsh and mystical realms of Italy.

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