Hesperia - Roma vol. II

01. Lupa Capitolina / Roma 753 A. E. V.
02. Romanvm Regnvm
03. Romana Italia
04. Clades Gallica
05. Carthago
06. Spartacvs
07. Trivmviratvs II
08. Romanvm Imperivm / Satvrnia Regna

HESPERIA "ROMA vol. II" - The second part of a concept about ancient ROME. This is the WOLF volume: the Capitoline she-wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus, and Mars' wolf, embodying the WAR spirit. Seven centuries through wars & battles from the foundation of Rome to the creation of the Roman Empire. More extreme and black metal, more complex and frenzied without forgetting the spiritual feelings and the epic atmospheres. ROMAN BLACK METAL in ROMAN ANCIENT LATIN.

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