Aarsland - Sacred Noise

01. Katorga
02. Bytie
03. Molokh
04. Golod

The seventh full-length album AARSLAND continues to build a sound monster in its Drone Black Metal style. "Sacred Noise" is dedicated to the topic of exile in Siberia (where the author himself comes from). Here, pain, loneliness, and melancholic melodies break through the monolith of a guitar drone and dark ambient textures. The cover of the album is a painting made by a patient of a psychiatric clinic and one of the vocalists of noise legends - STALAGGH, who once created some of the most terrifying recordings of all time. The artist calls his work "Painted Pain". We believe that the collaboration between AARSLAND's sound and this Master's visual art complement each other insanely, creating a single dark abyss.

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