Guerra Total - War Is the Pursuit of Death : A Hymnal for the Misanthrope

1. Ancient Hymns to the Goddess of War (Inanna)
2. Battle of Ypres (Song for My Funeral)
3. Black Horror Kommando II (Sinfonía del odio)
4. Ethnocide (World Cenotaph)
5. Himnos rituales de guerra y total devastación
6. Holodomor (La muerte roja)
7. Tapias de pilatos
8. Uranium-235 (Trinity)
9. Whisky Bitch

Guerra Total was founded in 1997 as Eternal Drak. Under this name, there were edited 2 demos and 1 EP, until 2002, when band name was switched to Guerra Total. The band has always been influenced by Old School Black Metal but taking reference from other metal and rock subgenres, using elements from Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, among others. Band’s philosophical approach is based on atheism, nihilism, cosmicism and selective misanthropy. Throughout the band’s 8 album-spell, the subjects mentioned are vividly expressed with conceptual full lengths and beyond-perception lyrics out of the common ground. Guerra Total uses Black Metal as a way of expressing and manifesting the darkness of human thought and metaphysics. "War is the Pursuit of Death: A Hymnal for the Misanthrope" is the ninth release in the history of Guerra Total. This is a conceptual album about death managing humanity using war as its own benefit, showing the most obscure and malevolent side of humanity. Music-wise, this is a step forward to the band’s evolution, seeking more and more for heaviness and purity when Metal is all about.

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